Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My First Post

Hi! I want to welcome you to my first post on my blog "Passionate About Paper". I am crazy about paper crafting and I've been so lucky to meet such wonderful ladies and gentlemen out on the Cricut Message Board that I thought I'd create a blog and get in the habit of posting my creations and sharing my heart and soul with new, and old, crafting friends!

This was a gift for my dear friend, Diana Elkins, who invited my family over for the Fourth of July. I have to give props to Dannie's Design! The tutorial for this notecard holder, and many other wonderful creations, is located here!


Don't you love Fourth of July paper?

Notecard - Open

This is such a great gift because you can customize the paper to fit whatever holiday or occasion you're making the project for!


These are the notecards that are inside the note card folder - I wanted to keep them simple; however just an FYI - embellies definitely make it hard to fit more than a few cards in the folder; however it's fun to tie up the extra cards in a coordinating bow!


Here's a picture of my family in our red, white, and blue - my dear husband of 15 years, Gerald, and our 6'1" 'gentle giant' 14 year old Zach!


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