Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Diaper Cake Cuteness

I love creating gifts for dear co-workers, especially when they have little ones on the way.  Today I wanted to feature three diaper cakes that I've made for some special people at TechSolve.

Sweet Sarah's Diaper Cake
This diaper cake was inspired by Sarah's decor for Audrey's room (pictured below - isn't it gorgeous?!).

The second diaper cake was for Amit and Niru.  Their little one's nursery is a jungle theme - aren't the animals precious?!
Amit and Niru's Diaper Cake
The third diaper cake was the first one I ever created - went just a wee bit crazy with the gifts that "matched" the colors and nursery theme; but when it comes to baby gifts, you have to go big or go home!
Jennifer's Diaper Cake
I created the paper embellishments with my Cricut Expression and utilized coordinating ribbons and jewels.  If anyone needs tips or tricks to create these gifts, just contact me - I'd love to help you with your projects!

Monday, July 28, 2014

New Beginnings Squared

I couldn't have asked for more today; but I got it!  Not only did I log onto my blog at midnight this morning to see my awesome new header and background created by my dear friend Sarah Beeman; but I also came home to find my other new beginning...

...the Cricut Explore!  I can't wait to share my journey with you and hopefully make some cool creations with this new cutting and design system.  I am a big Cricut fan and have been using one of their machines since they came out in 2010.  First, I had the original bug, then I bought the Cricut Expression coupled with a Gypsy, and now I've finally upgraded to the Cricut Explore.

I'm working on a huge grant for work, so I haven't even opened the box.  But when I do, I'll share the experience, give my honest opinion, and hopefully inspire you to make some paper perfection!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New + Happy ! (guest post)

Hello all you happy viewers of Traci Spencer's magical blog! I am Sarah Beeman, the gal who recently redesigned this blog guest posting. Traci- you are such a fantastic blessing to anyone you interact with in this world, and I wish you the best with your scrapbooking, creating, and life in general. If anyone knows Traci, you would know she is very spectacularly similar to the meaning of a hummingbird, which is why I chose to run with that when I heard she loved them. 

A hummingbird symbolizes the enjoyment of life; the light of being. A hummingbird can accomplish great feats no matter the situation, and always encourages other to see the positive side of the struggle. They believe life is rich, and what I wish for Traci is a life full of richness- the best and most meaningful richness this earth can provide. :) 

Peace & love, Sarah Marie

Take it away, Traci!